October Calendar Download

Autumn is here! And with it comes pumpkin patches, fall festivals, more activities, more responsibilities, and more things to get done. It’s easy to find myself anxious over my list of to do’s or anxious waiting on bloodwork results or anxious over a work or personal relationship communication issue. Even though I know that anxiety will not help anything! So if you’re like me, sometimes I just need a reminder to not be anxious! Use this October calendar page to keep track of your important…Continue Reading “October Calendar Download”

September Calendar Download

September came too quickly and I have not slowed down enough to complete this post. Maybe you’re like me and need to be reminded to “be still”. I’ve had so many things to do with the start of Fall and so many things on my mind, such as important decisions to make, that I am not remembering to “be still and let God”. So this month’s calendar is to remind ME and you. And it’s better late than never, right! Use this September calendar page…Continue Reading “September Calendar Download”

August Calendar Download

Can you believe it’s August already? Kids are going back to school and I am finally going on a summer vacation! This month’s calendar is a reminder to hold on to the good things in life and let go of the bad. I have a tendency not to forget things that I find unpleasant, but I need to forget them! I try not to watch much news for this reason. After such a barrage of bad news, I can feel mighty sad and discouraged about…Continue Reading “August Calendar Download”