My name is Linda and this is my space to display my inspiration and creative projects. I am a freelance graphic designer who specializes in print design and dabbles a bit in digital design. As I work, I am constantly inspired by paper swatches, pantone books, books, magazines, other designers’ work, my vendors and clients, my favorite blogs, and the world around me. So instead of keeping all this goodness to myself, I am sharing it with you.

Away from my studio, I am constantly creating, organizing, and restoring. If I can do it myself so that the project is creatively customized or more economical—I am all in!

Another thing that makes my heart hum is organization! I love tidy rows of labeled boxes, papers filed away in their respective file folders, and extra shelves in the closet so that everything has it’s own place. If I see an easy and fun way to organize something—I have to do it!

I find beauty in discarded things—like an old vintage piece that just needs a little freshening up, or the typography on an old beat-up sign. I know that some of my more left-brained friends haven’t always understood my decorating choices or haven’t seen the treasure in the “junk” that I keep. But I also get a lot of “where did you get that?!” questions, which make me smile.

I hope I can inspire you to find beauty in the unexpected as well.


You can see my work at The Design Desk, here.
You can contact me here.

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