I love DIY projects, but am not a very good gardener. I haven’t had much luck with germinating seeds and have been buying plant starters for a long time now.  However, my green thumb neighbor, Ashley, said she had good luck germinating green bean and cucumber seeds last year. This was what I needed to hear, to convince me to give it another try! I decided to try germinating green beans—it’s a small investment and could have a big (and tasty) reward. Besides the seeds…Continue Reading “DIY: Eggshell Plant Starters”

DIY: Keepsake Box

Here is a fun, DIY gift idea. Create a keepsake box out of a book! I saw this on a blog awhile back and thought it would be a great gift for my book-lover friend, Julie. Here’s how I created this keepsake book, in case you’d like to make one, too: First I went to my local Goodwill store and picked out a book. (TIP: the bigger your book, the better.) I found one about the friendship between the poet, Emily Dickinson and the abolitionist,…Continue Reading “DIY: Keepsake Box”

DIY: Easy Practical Housewarming Gift

I recently saw an easy DIY gift basket for a new homeowner on Pinterest. Thought it was a super creative idea, so when I found out that my friend, Althea, had bought a new house—I knew exactly what I wanted to give her! I thought I’d share the idea with you, because it’s super practical for the homeowner and you get to use a little creativity putting it together. Here are the items you will need: a new (empty) paint can, flower pot or bucket…Continue Reading “DIY: Easy Practical Housewarming Gift”